SECURITY MATTERS : Burglars access points

Are you tired of burglars breaking in at your home premises? Here some of the entry points you need to secure and security tips to avoid burglars from breaking in your premises;

Reported statistics show that there has been a sharp percentage increase in the number of theft cases of approximately 10-20% according to the Zimbabwe 2020 Crime & Safety report with most crimes being theft. Burglars are always alert scouting and monitoring movements to strike a pose.

Therefore, this has become a major issue of concern making residential and commercial security a top priority. Hence, there are certain corrective measures to mitigate the risk of losses and injuries associated with theft by identifying key access points which can be used by burglars for smooth entry.

To help you, here are some entry points used by burglars and tips to maximise security on entry points;

  • Front Doors and Back Doors

Leaving doors unlocked has become a prime target for burglars’ smooth break in. Burglars first check weak points such as doors to see whether it’s locked or unlocked. Burglars are becoming experts in their field of operation to the extent of having equipment such as lock picks to bypass locks without making any disturbances even if the door is locked.

Security Tips

  1. Install smart locks – consists of keypads, fingerprints etc, making it difficult for the burglar to crack the code.
  2. Retractable trellis doors
  • Floor Balcony

Balcony areas have become the prime target whether be it a single or double storey house for burglars as these areas tend to be overlooked by homeowners even commercially owned premises. Even if it is a double storey building it takes a few seconds for an expert or minutes for a burglar that is desperate and determined to climb up making the height of the building no barrier or deterrent. In cases where the balcony has a sliding door it makes the job easier for the burglars as it can be easily tempered with.

Security Tips

  1. Install motion sensors lights to deter burglars
  2. Install retractable trellis doors
  3. CCTV cameras
  4. Intruder alarms for glass break.
  • Windows

Windows are also regarded as one of the most fragile areas for most intruders. Burglars can break the glass window once without one noticing.

Security Tips

  1. Alarm system with window sensors
  2. Burglars
  • Garages

Garages can pose a high risk of theft especially built-in garages to homeowners if garage doors are left unlocked giving burglars’ chance to break in your home. Most people when they lock the garage they forget to lock the inside door which can be a loophole for burglars.

Security Tips

  1. Home Automation
  2. Upgrade to a smart Garage
  • Unprotected Fences and durawalls

Most burglars are not afraid of heights and they can climb up on the fence or durawall to enter the premises safely without being caught.


  • For an electric fence a burglar might cut the fence or jump in.
  • For a durawall it depends with the type for panelled durawalls a burglar might remove two or three more panels for entry but for brick-force durawall one has to climb.

Security Tips

  1. 16 strand electric energizer for fences to avoid burglars cutting the fence for access.
  2. 4 strand, 8 strand for brick-force protection walls depending with the height.
  • WIFI Networks

Wireless network can a major threat to personal and financial information making home automation and security systems more susceptible to hacking and break-ins giving criminals direct access to your home.

Security Tips

  1. Secure wireless router
  2. Firewall
  • Strong passwords
  1. Anti-virus and anti-malware protection.

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